Smart Women

“Smart Women Say it Right” is the message from Smart Women Company out of New York. Julie Hellwich’s company sprang out of her wit, a few gifts to friends and the inspiration of her grandmothers.

Two of my favorites were the  Make Changes Erasers  and the variety of pencils with sayings- Smart Women “Keep In Touch”, “Mark Their Words”, “Get to the Point”, and “Put it in Writing”. 

I couldn’t resist ordering the “thirst for knowledge” glass. I figure that is a thought I can drink in every night.

Julie writes, “Smart is about making choices and making do; making amends and mending your socks.  We know smart when we see it and when we feel it” and that “Smart Women change the world every day.”

So how do you define smart? What makes you feel smart?

For me it comes in the moments I know my life is working.  In the choices I make daily and the changes I make for the long haul. Every moment, decision for better or worse, that shapes who I am; defines my values and expresses my soul.

As women we know the sayings, “A Woman’s Place…..(fill in the blank)”. Being raised in the 70’s I feel we can fill in the blank as we please. Perhaps like Bella Abzug campaigned, your slogan will be “This woman’s place is in the House….the House of Representatives” (Or the Senate for that matter).

So what does your smart woman quote say? Mine is, “Smart Women know who they are and live it”.

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