I often see people as fashion sketches. I kid you not. Ever since I was a child playing with my very favorite toy, Fashion Plates, this has been a common ailment.

Last week on the long commute to my day job I stopped for my mandatory morning caffeine fix. There in the line ahead of me she stood.  I kept starring, sizing her up. I should have taken a picture as my visual inventory was bordering on inappropriate.  To me everything about her screamed Fashion Sketch.

This weekend between beading some new necklaces I set to sketching her. I call her “Aarrghhhh” or so said her necklace by Tatty Devine.

She is missing her bullet bracelet and I have yet to color her. That will follow. For now here she is.

The Beginning……

Sounds like I should start out,” I was born 22″ long and 7.8 oz. “   But that’s not it. So how do I start to blog? What are the very first words to send out into cyberspace?

For some time now, rolling around the recesses of my mind, I have been thinking of writing my own blog. Perhaps what I have to say would strike a cord with someone. At the very least I would be clearing out the myriad of creative projects filling my head and exercising my digits. But at the heart of it I fear putting myself out there, open for the world to see. I want to share myself with unguarded expression but being vulnerable to the world is not within my comfort zone.

Years back I began journaling every morning from the book The Artist Way. I wrote, “For me the problem with starting any process like this is that I want to write every moment, flash, conversation. I want to be able to capture every nook and cranny and etch out the very essence of the crags of humanity; the wrinkles that make up the face of humankind; to map it out like fingers over Braille.” This still has not changed.

Then in 2007 I had a short stint blog writing for NYFA, a fashion school where I teach part time.  I enjoyed contributing to that blog. However, I never shared anything personal. I simply blogged about topics of fashion design geared towards my students. Eventually I and all the other contributors fell away to other things. Perhaps this endeavor will meet the same fate…… I hope not.

So here, now, in it’s inception I fear there may be no rhyme or reason to what I post. Eventually I will find the flow. But for now I plan to post my creative inspirations, my artwork and anything that tickles my fancy. It will be a journal of sorts, my creative filing cabinet, my Canvas. No doubt there will be articles and resources about fashion design as I never quite get away from that.

So after some thought and a large dose of whimsy; I have decided to begin.